A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”  John A. Shedd

Stepping out to do something new is uncomfortable at best, down right scary at worst. But yet, we are called to be more than hunkering down in the safety of what is known to us. We don’t grow by doing what is comfortable– we grow by doing what is uncomfortable. These are the things I have to keep telling myself as I branch out to do something that for whatever reason, feels terrifying to me–putting myself out there. The thought of being seen, being criticized, or having others see me fail is well…let me just say, I’d rather have a root canal! But here’s the deal, I’d rather have my son see me trying, falling, then getting myself back up, then to have him see me go through life with my dreams and desires all nicely locked up inside of me because I was too afraid to try. So you WILL see me suck at this, you WILL see me make mistakes, but you WILL also see me growing in my faith, overcoming my fears and every day getting just a little bit stronger!  My prayer is that in seeing me fail my way forward, it gives you permission to do the same! So here’s to feeling the fear…but doing it anyways!!!

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