Wife. Mom. RN. Christian. Lover of adventure and all things pink and pretty—-these were all words that someone could use to describe me.

In 2009, another word velcroed itself to me…Hashimoto thyroiditis. An autoimmune disease that affects every area of your life. New words became my daily existence. Fatigue. Depression. Anxiety. Hair loss. Weight gain. Living life with the feeling like I was held hostage to this little thing called my “thyroid”, fearful life was going to pass me by while I struggled to get off the couch to care for my beautiful baby boy that I had waited so long to have.
I floundered—desperate to try anything to make me feel better. Finally in 2014, with help from a coach, I found a simple to follow plan that helped manage the symptoms. I joined a community of others who were on the same journey I was on. I reversed the embarrassing dynamic duo of hair loss/weight gain to hair gain/weight loss! My mindset began to shift to one of gratitude and belief in myself.
I believe this change is possible for anyone who is desiring to make a real change in their life! I desire to see other women who suffer with Hashimoto disease have the tools they need to take back their health: a plan, support, grace, community and above all else, belief that you are worth it and can achieve your goals.